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Better Days

New Traditions



"In the New Traditions Workbook the authors each explore a great variety of dimensions of their own life's journeys. Through their descriptions of ups and downs we can reflect on our similar experiences and consider what we can learn from them. Each commentary and set of questions can serve as the basis for a rich personal development process or a series of helpful group discussions. In New Traditions, Craig and Sherry have created a useful and versatile resource for us all."

Vincent F. Caimano, Ph.D., Founder, www.SupportGroupsCentral.com

“Although the journey of recovery unfolds differently for each person, exploring and sharing experiences and coping strategies can help people know they are not alone.  Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook provides a structure for someone to sort through what they do for themselves now and what new ways they might care for themselves.  The optimistic and hopeful messages that serve as the introduction to each section can be used equally well in group or individually for reflecting on life, on challenges, and on the meaning and process of recovery.  While not yet widely used, Better Days holds promise as a useful tool for people in recovery.”

Patricia B. Nemec, PsyD, CRC, CPRP

"Overwhelmingly, there is hope. A veteran of the Boston punk scene, Lewis himself battled addiction while struggling with mental health challenges, an experience which motivated him to publish this collection in an effort to reduce the associated stigma. An empowering read, You’re Crazy adds a powerful voice to the increasing awareness of mental health issues in the seemingly accepting punk rock community."

Susan Carolan, http://www.brokenpencil.com/reviews/book-review-youre-crazy-vol-1

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